God in my life




My birth

One of, great things that I look forward to in heaven is finally meeting my older brother, who died in the womb. My Dad was a alcoholic, and a violent drunk. The sight of Dad coming home, and beating Mom was a nightly routine for my older syblings Eddie, Maggie, and Joane. My mother was carrying her fourth child when in a drunken rage Dad punched her in the womb, and killed his unborn son. This was the end of the earthly brother that I long to meet, in the Heaven.

  Only God and another women who violently lost a child, would understand what Mom went through at that time. She took care of her three remaining kids, and her husband, but still mourned over lost of her fourth child two years after his funeral. In front of our South Philadelphia home, God sent my mother a messenger.

 As mom was cying for her lost babe, an old prophetess, came up to her with words of comfort. God spoke through his servant saying that he had heard the cry of Mom's heart, and felt her pain, and had chosen to have mercy on her, by giving her another son to replace the one that was lost. This son would be a priest of he most high, and the Almighty would overshadow him all of his days. In November of 1965, God kept his word by bringing me into this world.

 The Devil did not want me here. He tried to take me out early, by sending a witch to antagonize Mom while she carried me. In the Italian market this evil woman tried to curse the fruit of my mother's womb with death, namely me. As my older syblings watched the old prophetess came out of nowhere and confronted the witch with the Word of the Lord saying that the child will live, but because she tried this she would not make it through the week.

 After that no one ever saw that evil hag again. God brought me into this world and he stood by me then, and has always done so to this very day. Glory to God.

 God's hand in my childhood

As a child I always felt out of place. For the most part I stayed to myself, a natural born loner. My first memory of divine intervention in my life goes all the way back to when I was about four years old. Mom was walking me and my little sister around to the corner store to pick something up. We were about to cross the street, when all of a sudden my mother stopped us dead in our tracks, for no apparent reason. She took a step backwards, pulling us back with her. Lightning struck between my legs, blinding me for about ten minutes. Later, that day I heard Mom telling her best friend about it. My Mother said that something told her to stop and step back. Most likely it was an angel. God has assigned quite a few to look out for me. I always had a tendency to keep them very busy. Three times in my childhood they were actually seen.  Angel number one appeared as a man, which shooed away a bunch of kids that were set on beating me up in a school yard, at the age of about eight. I tripped and fell as ran to escape the gang, and I rolled against the steel linked fence of the school yard. From behind me I heard his voice, which sounded like thunder. The kids scurried like roaches when you turn on the light on in a dark room. I turned and looked up at my defender. He was a tall black man, or so he seemed. I turned around and started to get up. As I arose I heard him say “take care of yourself God has a plan for your life. I turned to thank him, but he was gone. On the other side of the fence there was nothing, but open space. It was like he just vanished. Angel number two saved my life in 1980, while rafting in California on a summer vacation. I fell off my raft in a deep section of water, and I could not swim. Twice my head went under water. Surprisingly, a peace came over me, and I felt a pair of hand turn me around, and push me to the shore. When the water was shallow enough that I could grab a foot hold I climbed out of the water. Turning to wanting to see my rescuer, I saw no one there; on the other bank of the river were my sisters. I yell over to them “Did you see who pushed me out." My oldest sister stared at the sky then she responded "it was an angel." Angels have a frustrating way about them that never stay long enough for you to thank them; they let God have all the Glory, as they should. I remember looking into the sky. I thanked God saying "thank you whoever you are." My God was faithful, in spite of the fact that I had no clue who he was.  My third angelic encounter happened just a few years later. It was quite a bit more spectacular then the previous two. I was about sixteen £¬passing thru the south street section of Philadelphia on my home from a part time after school job I had. This area is well known for satanic covens, or to put plainly communities of witches. An old woman came out the front of her door, at yelled at as I was passing bye. She said that her son had fallen in the cellar, and needed help. She asked me to help her by going into her cellar to help her son out. I was young and a little naive, and I felt sorry for this woman, so I turned to go in the house. As soon as I did this I was caught up in a vision. I saw a tunnel of light so bright that I could hardly see through it. Barely could I make out the figure of a man. He voice came forth like thunder, saying “do not go in there!" This really scared, I ran away as fast as I could. I do not know what was in that, but I know God saved me from it.

 My God did a lot for me, even before I got saved, and I was not a good kid. Eddie my older, taught the basics of how to contact the dead, who actually demons in disguise. As a child I was able to see them and hear them, they made me think they were my friends. They taught me how to read minds. The Devil was trying to manipulate a gift that I was born with, for his own purpose. God had other plans for this gift. My childhood was a war. The Devil was trying to kill me, steal my talents from God, and use me to destroy good things. God fought for me, not being willing to let me die. I am here this day because God by his Spirit won the battle. At the age of nine-teen the war reached a climax that came close to ripping me apart.

Week of warfare

The week before the Lord got through to my hard head, and showed me his love, and mercy, was the most severe roller coaster ride of events, that I have ever had. By the age of nineteen God had already planted many experiences in my life that pointed to his majesty. I saw my uncle Nan changed into another person through the power of the Cross, then my uncle died. This really rocked my Dad's world, and broke his heart. At my uncle's funeral a message got through to my father's heart that God was trying to speak through his brother, before he pasted away. It is really sad, that most can not read the message, in a man's life, until that man is gone. This was still fresh on my mind and my heart; I was playing with the occult big time. I already knew Jesus was the way, but I felt that I was too far gone, beyond his redemption. My view of God was based on the Ten Commandments, a movie by Cecil B. Demille. As far as I was concerned, God was the righteous judge of the universe, and was out to dispense justice, and I was guilty. The thing that I was ignorant of was that he loved me enough to pour out the wrath that was due me on his own son Jesus Christ. I wanted to be restored but I did not think that was possible. This brought me into a deep depression, compounded by other things that were going on in my life. To cope I went deeper into the psychic realms. God tried to save me that week several times, but each time I ran from him, thinking he was there to kill me. I even had an out of body experience in which I almost died; I had a taste of Hell. The Devil tricked me into using my soul force against myself. Those evil spirits that I thought were my friends tried to kill me. I let Demons into my life, and they were on a mission to steal, kill, and destroy, for the first time in my life I was actually seeing this. The Lord was the only one that could save me from these things, and I knew it. The problem was I was convened that he wanted me dead. Incidentally my depression got a lot worst. I felt that the whole situation was hopeless. Little did I know that God had already planned to work this out for glory, and my salvation.

Holy ambush and redemption

This is part of my salvation testimony from twenty years ago. There was so much involved in my salvation, that to tell the whole story would take a whole book. So here is a very brief version. This testimony took place after the girl that I loved deeply left me and married another man. To deal with the pain I really dived into the occult, and porn. Today I am totally free in Christ. It was the love of God that changed me. I hated the Lord, I wanted to see then end of the Church. My uncle, aunt, 2 sisters, and my father were radically saved, and transformed. I knew them all well, and new well enough, that they were different people now. I did not rejoice over this it got me angry.
 I wanted to see this thing stopped. A Demon came to me, and gave me an idea, go with dad to church and, start some trouble, and if possible take out the Pastor. One Sunday morning, I went with Dad to Church. I watched dad go through his Sunday routine.  After the message, dad introduced me to Pastor Tom Formica, an Assemblies of God Pastor. I thought to my self, let's end right here. I took a step toward the man, as I did my bones started to vibrate the core. The closer I got to him, the worst the vibration was. The Pastor shook my hand. At that point I started, backing away. I thought the Lord was going to shake me apart because the vibration became so severe. When we arrived home, I just wanted to be alone. My family knew something happened, but they were not sure what. None of them knew about my occult involvement. That night I actually spoke to God for the first time in years. I changed my mind about, attacking his church, or his preachers. He was to powerful for me to take on. I decided just to avoid Christians, give them their space hoping God would give me mine. About two weeks later. I was on my way out the door, for my favorite activity, a tour of the Philadelphia porn shops. It was a Saturday night, and I had a full paycheck in my pocket. I planned to send it all on porn, and a hooker. Then, Dad grabbed me and said "you are coming with me" After a ten minute debate, I decided to make him happy and go with him just so I can go and do my thing, afterwards. My brother was trying to kill his ex-girl friend. For about a month, they had an occult, prayer war. My brother was chanting, against his ex's life, while she, a new Christian, and members of her church came against it in prayer. My brother was freaked, all his Satanist rituals, were yielding zero results. My brother had decided to take a more physical approach, and attack her house. Dad, and I arrived at Debbie's house, Debbie is the name of my brother's ex-girl friend. After calming, Eddie, my brother, Dad took both of us into the house, where the Lord set up a spiritual ambush. In that house there were 20 Christian men ready to pray. They laid hands on Eddie and Started to pray, and praise and worship Jesus Christ the presence of the almighty fill the room like a runaway freight train. In his presence£¬ I for the first time in my life could actually see my life, all my sin, all the demons I contacted, all the girls I ripped off, all the people I scammed, all the ones that I hurt. I realized that the righteous judge of the universe was in that room and I deserved death for the way I lived. Fear seized me, so that I was paralyzed. Tears streamed down my face, because I thought this was the end. All I could do was cry please don't kill me, over and over, and over again. There are really no words to describe what happened next. It was like the Lord kneeled on one knee, looked me in the eye, and said" Mike it is alright I heard you, sin no more." The Lord forgave everything; this rocked my view of God. I saw him as angry, and violent, but he revealed himself in gentleness, and mercy. I stood up all that night, in shellshock. I just had to ask him, why he did not take me out, because I was his enemy. The Spirit stirred up an old memory, going back twelve years. At seven years old, I heard part of a message preached by a television evangelist saying,"that any one can know God.” This really got me hyped. I went up to my Dad' s room and told the " oh God I know you are busy, running the universe, and I am just a kid, but if you can find the time, could you come and talk to me because I really want to know you". The Lord showed me that the heart I had at seven never really left me. I entered into the occult looking for him, thinking that it would lead me to God. That Sunday God opened my eyes to the cross. The Cross is the avenue that God has provided to make all things right with himself.  God bless you